Achieve 3 essential behaviors 

Engagement and Play
(Connection, Confidence and Trust)

Direction and Duration
(Communication and Impulse Control)

(Relevance and Reliability)

With 3 essential tools

Structure and Consistency
(Crate Training, Daily Schedule, Repetition)

Relationship Building 
(Relevance, Drive, Focus)

Clear Communication
(Leash-work, Markers, Commands)




In our sessions we will address your issues and needs by looking at your existing relationship with your dog. We will show you how to best (re-)introduce your pup to yourself and your daily life inside your apartment and on NYC streets. Training with 3for3 will give you three essential tools to successfully teach your dog three essential behaviors to better navigate your life together, build trust, engagement, relevance, reliability and obedience you can count and build on.


With our online consultations you are able to take advantage of all that 3for3 Dog Training has to offer from the comfort of your home. 2020 has taught us all the power of connecting, creating and learning virtually and given 3for3 the opportunity to offer our services all over New York City and beyond. 


3for3 Packwalks are split into 2 distinct parts - Part 1 is 45 min of calm socialization exercises to get your dog used to being around other dogs without physical contact and excitement. They will learn to walk calmly with you and listen to your direction. Part 2 is a 45 min supervised packwalk in Brooklyn where we work on applying the principals of part 1 to a more challenging walk with distractions.


This structured socialization class is teaching dogs (and their humans) to better interact with each other, to “read the room” and respect other dogs. Despite popular opinion dogs don’t just know how to play with each other and many a overly excited pup has to be shown how to be polite and appropriate with other dogs of varying temperaments while more reserved or fearful dogs can be encouraged to engage more and trust their humans to advocate for them. Classes are held in a secure, closed in space and include on and off leash time.






 Beat is a animal rescue advocate who started his journey training dogs by volunteering and walking dogs for Sean Casey Animal Rescue and Korean K9 Rescue. Soon they entrusted him with their more challenging dogs and he helped find homes for many hard to place pups. In 2017, he rescued his second dog from a hoarding situation. Max came with severe behavioral issues, so Beat turned to Dream Come True K9, one of New York’s premier dog training facilities. There he learned how to properly socialize his new dog and he successfully off-leash and e-collar trained Max. His newly gained skills lead to interning at DCTK9 and in 2019, Beat joined the DCTK9-Team as a trainer. He has since then worked with a multitude of dogs struggling with issues, ranging from dog and human aggression, containment phobia, crate anxiety and debilitating fear to bad leash manners, destructiveness or general youthful brattiness. Beat also teaches structured socialization and has been helping to better socialize hundreds of dogs and their humans. He has trained and studied alongside many reputable,  trainers, like Otto Monchez (Supreme K9), Raquel Stone (Mountain Bound K9), Taylor Fay (DCTK9, Training Without Conflict) and Carla Huchiyama (DCTK9), and learned from renowned Master Trainer and founder of DCTK9, Blake Rodriguez, Jay Jack, Joel Silverman, Julie Heart and Phyllis Smuland (Training According to Temperament), Larry Krohn, and Tom Davis. In 2020, he studied with dog behaviorist, Nelson Hodges (CHRI Institute), and soon after, Beat established his own company, 3for3 Dog Training, focusing on socially challenged, under-socialized, fearful (rescue)dogs and dogs with a history of abuse or neglect.




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