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Achieve 3 essential behaviors 

Engagement and Play
(Connection, Confidence and Trust)

Direction and Duration
(Communication and Impulse Control)

(Relevance and Reliability)

With 3 essential tools

Structure and Consistency
(Crate Training, Daily Schedule, Repetition)

Relationship Building 
(Relevance, Drive, Focus)

Clear Communication
(Leash-work, Markers, Commands)




In our sessions we will address your issues and needs by looking at your existing relationship with your dog. We will show you how to best (re-)introduce your pup to yourself and your daily life inside your apartment and on NYC streets. Training with 3for3 will give you three essential tools to successfully teach your dog three essential behaviors to better navigate your life together, build trust, engagement, relevance, reliability and obedience you can count and build on.


With our online consultations you are able to take advantage of all that 3for3 Dog Training has to offer from the comfort of your home. 2020 has taught us all the power of connecting, creating and learning virtually and given 3for3 the opportunity to offer our services all over New York City and beyond. 


3for3 Packwalks are split into 2 distinct parts - Part 1 is 45 min of calm socialization exercises to get your dog used to being around other dogs without physical contact and excitement. They will learn to walk calmly with you and listen to your direction. Part 2 is a 45 min supervised packwalk in Brooklyn where we work on applying the principals of part 1 to a more challenging walk with distractions.


This structured socialization class is teaching dogs (and their humans) to better interact with each other, to “read the room” and respect other dogs. Despite popular opinion dogs don’t just know how to play with each other and many a overly excited pup has to be shown how to be polite and appropriate with other dogs of varying temperaments while more reserved or fearful dogs can be encouraged to engage more and trust their humans to advocate for them. Classes are held in a secure, closed in space and include on and off leash time.


Sessions ad Packge

With having a pet in NYC comes the awesome responsibility of helping them settle into their life with you in this bustling city. Training your dog is a long term project and goes way beyond teaching them basic obedience. If you have an overall well adjusted dog with unreliable obedience or you're struggling with a dog with separation anxiety or reactivity, identifying the root of the problem is key. And, interestingly enough,  both undesirable behaviors  may actually be caused by very similar reasons. Either way, the process of addressing behavioral issues is rarely a quick fix. Therefore, we offer 3 different packages to make it more affordable for you to get the time and support you and your dog need to improve your lives together. In our sessions we will go over how to best get them into a daily routine that fits your needs and schedule, how to fulfill them according to their nature and how to create better understanding of what we want or don't want inside your home and on NYC streets and parks. We will focus on structure and consistency, creating good behaviors through clear communication that leads to better understanding and build the right kind of relationship you want with your dog.

Package Options:
Two (2) In-Home Session Package
  • One 60min Consultation/Training session

  • One 60min Training session

  • Text support

  • Video evaluation

  • Discounted events and classes

Four (4) In-Home Session Package

  • One 60min Consultation/Training session

  • Three 60min Training sessions

  • Text support

  • Video evaluation

  • Discounted events and classes

Six (6) In-Home Session Package:

  • One 60min Consultation/Training Session

  • Five 60min Training sessions

  • Text support

  • Video evaluation

  • Discounted events and classes

General Pricing:

  • $340 - $850 (Discounts available for certain partner rescue organizations)

Individual In Home Session ($180):

  • One 60min Consultation/Training session

  • Limited Text support

  • Limited Video evaluation

  • Discounted events and classes

Individual Virtual Session ($125):

  • One 60min Consultation/Training session

  • Limited Text support

  • Discounted events and classes

Inquire about your eligibility for group and socialization classes and calm socialization packwalks


*All booked sessions have to be cancelled or rescheduled at least 48h before the initially scheduled date for a full credit towards a future session. All fees are non-refundable and if a session is cancelled less than 48h before the initially scheduled date it can not be rescheduled. Unused individual sessions and packages expire within six (6) month of the purchase date. The 3for3 Liability waver has to be signed and returned to 3for3 Dog Training before the first session and training can begin. 3for3 Dog Training Trainers may take pictures and videos during a session to post on IG, share on the 3for3 Dog Training website or on other social media. Client's compliance is assumed except if otherwise instructed. Client needs express permission by 3for3 Dog Training to post or share any instructional training videos or pictures taken of the instructor during a training session. 

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